Candid Wedding Photography – Sydney

Hi,  I’m Jay. I’m a  Sydney based photographer specialising in contemporary, candid wedding photography. My style is also called a photojournalistic or documentary wedding photography, because what I wish to achieve is to capture your wedding as it happens and try to interfere as little as possible. I will be around the entire day, quietly observing and documenting your day how I see it. I don’t intend to stage it for you or fake poses and expressions for the camera, just capture it naturally and beautifully.

Candid wedding photography is a great way to document what may well be the most important day of your life. Catching all these little moments which make this day uniquely yours.

I am also a portrait photographer, so don’t worry, I will create beautiful traditional portraits that will be proudly hanging on your parents and grandparents walls.

There will be no jumping, no fake smiles or forced kisses. l will give you directions, and will help you relax and be yourself in front of the camera, but the day is yours and I’m just there to capture it for you.

More about me and my style in the about page.



Full day coverage. This is photographic coverage of your entire day, from bridal preparations through to well after the first dance. Up to 10 hours of coverage. A second photographer is an option. They could take care of the groups and family images, and often shoot the event from a different angle. I am usually at a wedding till 9:30pm.

Online gallery. Ready 2 weeks after your wedding this gallery offers free downloads for you and your guests, it’s password protected, and is now my main way of delivering your full-res wedding photos.

Albums. 50 image albums start at $750

If you are having a midweek wedding or need reduced coverage, pricing starts at $250 per hour; drop me a message about your plans and I’ll let you know what I can do for you.

Black and White Wedding Photography

I love black and white images. I think that they still have a place in modern wedding photography. When I strip the image of all the color and glitter, I show the essence of the moment, the raw emotions without unnecessary distractions. Black and white photography lends itself very well to wedding photography because there aren’t many events more emotional.

There are still images that require colour. Details, flowers, settings, the dress, the shoes. I will process images in colour when I think the colour plays a vital role in the photograph. All my candid wedding photographs are captured in colour, and then processed into a black and white image. Talk to me during our initial consultation to determine how much of the photography coverage you’d like in colour and how much in black and white.

Traditional Wedding Photography

As a candid wedding photographer I will try to capture moments while being unnoticed, but there are also times where traditional portrait posing still has its place. Candid wedding photography has only been around for just one generation. Wedding pictures taken before that were usually heavily posed and staged. If you want to make your parents or grandparents happy, take a couple of portraits where both you and your partner smile and look straight into the camera. I will be more than happy to capture these posed wedding photographs for you and chances are that these will be the images your grandparents will have hanging on their walls.